E-news and consent

At ICMT, we follow the principles of transparency and due care of personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter: The Regulation) and the Personal Data Protection Act.

All information about managing individual consent is given below.

By completing the application form to receive ICMT newsletters about current events, trends and news, the user agrees with the transmission of data that, according to the law, applies to personal data. By completing the application form, the user agrees to receive ICMT newsletters and the aforementioned data transmission. In this case, this is: the e-mail and IP address of the device from which it is applied. Upon check-in, the user has the option of agreeing to use personal data for the following purposes:

[1] (IMPERATIVE) The consent to receive ICMT news about current events, trends and other points of interest applies up to and including:

• using data to send regular e-news
• the use of data for occasionally sending other content, such as event notifications and the like
• export, storage and processing of data in the automation marketing tool, which enables us to send these news items
• data processing with pseudonymization (so that it cannot be attributed to a specific individual)
• Exporting, storing and processing data in a marketing automation tool that helps us continuously monitor your activities on the icmt28.com pages enable us to contact you about your activities on the icmt28.com pages and aggregated and anonymized analysis of the use of the portal and the content there.
• All personal data are used exclusively for the purpose of providing our services, anonymized analysis and optimizing our operations and are not available to the public, unless the user explicitly allows this with special consent for such purposes.


An individual may at any time require the data controller to permanently or temporarily discontinue the use of his personal data for the purposes stated above. At any time, such a request may be addressed to the e-mail address icmt28@imt.si and specify in detail which consent he wishes to revoke.

In addition, it also has the following rights:

• The right to know personal data: an individual has the right to personal data collected in relation to him in order to get acquainted with the processing and to verify their legality;
• Right to repair or Personal Data Supplement: An individual has the right to make icmt28.com, without undue delay, correcting his inaccurate personal information;
• The right to delete personal data: an individual has the right to delete, without undue delay, personal data relating to him, to the extent permitted by applicable law;
• Right to limit processing: An individual has the right to limit the processing of personal data to icmt28.com when he or she disputes the accuracy of personal information when processing is illegal and requires the use of personal data to restrict the use of personal data, and in cases where icmt28.com's data no longer needs it for processing purposes, but needs to enforce, enforce or defend its legal claims;
• The right to data transferability: the individual has the right to receive his / her personal information provided by icmt28.com in a structured, generally used and machine-readable form, and the right to forward this data to icmt28.com to another controller when technically feasible.
• Individual's right to object: an individual has the right at any time to object to the processing of his personal data when it is carried out for the legitimate interests which make icmt28.com personal data when they are processed for direct marketing purposes, including the creation of profiles, in insofar as it is linked to such direct marketing. When an individual opposes processing for the purposes of direct marketing, his personal data is no longer processed
• The right to lodge an appeal against the data controller with the supervisory authority if it considers that the processing of his personal data is in breach of the General Regulation on the protection of personal data.


By signing the consent, the user has been informed that all the above requirements regarding the exercise of rights in connection with personal data can be addressed in writing to the manager at the e-mail address icmt28@imt.si.

It is also noted that, for the needs of reliable identification in the case of exercising rights in connection with personal data, the operator may require additional information from the user icmt28.com, and he can only refuse to act if he proves that he cannot reliably identify me.

It is also aware that, upon request, the controller must exercise his rights with regard to the above personal data, without undue delay, and at the latest within one month of receipt of the request.